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Wine from South Africa in Spain & Portugal

The intriguing history of South Africa´s wine producing story starts in the 16th century, when the Dutch and French Huguenots settled in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. This part of South Africa has the dazzling-white Cape Dutch buildings to the Victorian and Georgian mansions set along oak-lined streets.

The Cape winelands are some of the most breathtakingly sceneries in the world.

  • Our aim is to build a brand, one that is passionate about what our customers drink. Give them the service, the personal touch and wines they truly appreciate to satisfy their palates. ENJOY VINO is a boutique online shop operated from Marbella Spain which offers a highly currated selection of South Africa´s finest wines. All our wines are expertly chosen for both the experimental and the more discerning wine lover perfect for the Spanish seasons. Ultimately, ENJOY Vino seeks to offer you excellent wines at competitive prices, with the convenience of delivery to your door.

  • Cap Classique

    Legendary Stellenbosch winemaker Frans Malan visited the Champagne region of France in 1968 when he considered giving wine a sparkle through the age-old classical method of Champagne. Malan, was infatuated by the processes he saw in the Champagne cellars. Upon his return to South Africa he procured rudimentary equipment, built his own riddling racks, and single-handedly made a natural bottle-fermented sparkling wine with the grape variety Chenin Blanc known as the Cap Classique method. With more than ten million bottles produced annually with chardonnay & pinot noir, Cap Classique has built a strong presence in the South African wine industry as these sparkling wines are enjoyed as much in the country's export markets. Browse our sparkling wines to view our Cap Classique range.

  • Our priority is to constantly evolve our wine list to ensure that we can keep offering our customers the most exciting wines being produced from South Africa. We pride ourselves in educating our customers about the product so you have confidence in your purchase. I encourage you to view our winery page providing you information to South Africa´s winery.

Enjoy Vino

Enjoying South African wine is so much more than just drinking wine. Explore our winery pages to view the art galleries, wedding venues & lush restaurants which the Cape winelands offer.