About us

  • It all started when a South African/Spanish couple Jess and Domingo moved to Spain in 2019 leaving behind their easy access to world class wine, lush restaurants, visits to art galleries, going on safari´s & surroundings of mountaineous Cape Town terrains. They are far from the seasoned wine connoisseurs but their knowledge grew while travelling on many wine routes in Cape Town and internationally. Their knowledge goes beyond just tasting and rather a passion and appreciation of South African winelands. This passion is a connection to the homeland for Jess

  • Jess & Dom brainstormed the concept of introducing South African wine starting of at Marbella which is along the coast in the South of Spain known as Costa del Sol. The deeper Jess explored the more she discovered the awareness was already known but the accessibility was not fully in place. The excitement to pursue the elegant coastal Chardonnays, the expressive Sauvignons to world-class Chenins and Syrahs from the warmer dryer land to easy drinking wines and highly refined Bordeaux-style blends from Stellenbosch, Franschoek & Durbanville became an easier task. Enjoy Vino offers a selection for every wine lover's palate including South Africa´s signature grape, Pinotage.

  • For us, wine is not just a drink but rather a contributor to foster good solid relationships which are critical to onwards happiness. Our aim is to provide you access to enjoy South African vino to support the frequent sentimal feelings. Shop and enjoy vino today.

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